Dual Truck Mobile Sizer reduces emissions and costs

The removal of waste material is a huge cost for most large-scale open pit mines. And as the mine grows, so does the cost of hauling overburden from deep inside the pit to waste dumps at the top.

FLSmidth’s Dual Truck Mobile Sizer (DTMS) is the world’s first fully-mobile truck dump station – and it’s helping open pit mines reduce costs and emissions.

In a typical open pit mine, an entire fleet of large haul trucks are needed to transport waste material, or overburden, from each excavating bench. With each new level dug, the mine becomes deeper and the trucks need to travel further to reach the waste dumps at the surface. This results in increased vehicle emissions as well as mounting costs as operators, road construction and maintenance, vehicle maintenance, staff facilities, fuel, tires, spare parts and the truck fleet itself all have to be paid for.

The Dual Truck Mobile Sizer (DTMS) is the world’s first fully mobile truck dump station. The DTMS is unique in that it interfaces directly with rear dump trucks. It works like a large, mobile, shovel-fed sizing station, but with the added benefit of truck haulage to ensure flexi-bility and efficiency. And, using a shiftable face conveyor and a mobile overland hopper, a mine can achieve a highly mobile system – and a considerable reduction in its fleet of haulage trucks.

Reducing emissions
Keeping the number of trucks to a minimum greatly reduces exhaust emissions. What’s more, the system ensures that the majority of hauls are carried out on a flat grade within the pit. This brings emissions levels down even further as trucks use far more fuel when hauling on an incline. Depending on configurations, the electric drives of the entire system can be anywhere from a 40 to 80 percent reduction in carbon emissions over the typical diesel engines of the haul truck fleet.

Mobility in the mine
Each DTMS station is able to service multiple dig locations. As work in the mine progresses, the face conveyor can be shifted accordingly and the DTMS can be easily relocated to any point along the conveyor to reduce the hauling distance to the mine face. 
Based on client preference and mobility requirements, we offer two DTMS models: fully mobile (self-propelled) or semi mobile (requiring an additional crawler transporter). The fully mobile version has twin crawler tracks integrated into the main chassis and is a completely self-contained machine. Maneuvering is made simple by the differential (skid) steering of each crawler, and four guided lifting cylinders are attached at the corners of each crawler frame. By extending these cylinders, the crawlers can touch the ground and raise the entire DTMS for transport.

When using multiple DTMS systems at the same mine, the semi mobile version is an economically viable choice as they will not
require moving very often, and a conventional single crawler transporter will be able to do the job when needed. This offers a high degree of mobility while keeping the initial capital costs down.

The DTMS advantage
The DTMS is an innovative crusher station that is uniquely compact and transportable. The DTMS can be moved as often as necessary – with minimal costs incurred each time. This is in stark contrast with most other solutions on the market, which cost hundreds of thousands of dollars – or more – to move.

A complete DTMS system brings major operational savings and reductions in emissions to open pit mines. And, with a reduced fleet of trucks servicing multiple benches, mines can achieve a more flexible, mobile and productive operation.

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Glenn Davis