Higher tonnage, finer product and greater processing efficiency

The mining industry has seen a growing trend towards substantially increasing equipment sizes, capacities and tonnages. The Raptor XL2000 cone crusher has been designed to meet these new challenges.

In the milling and crushing circuit, an increase in SAG mill sizes necessitated the development of a cone crusher capable of keeping up with the higher tonnage demands. The new Raptor cone crusher provides increased capacity, reduced operating costs and more efficient processing in mining and quarry operations worldwide.

The XL2000 cone crusher is for secondary or tertiary applications and does not replace the need for a primary gyratory or jaw crusher. However, the XL2000 can replace a SAG mill, thereby reducing overall costs while still maintaining circuit capacity and producing a product crushed to specification.

Robust crusher designed for flexibility and ease of handling
The XL2000 is the crown jewel in an already impressive Raptor Cone Crusher line, capping the XL300, XL400, XL500, XL600, XL900, XL1100 and the new XL1300. Due to the large size and weight of the main frame required for the XL2000, FLSmidth engineers from Wales, Wisconsin, and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, collaborated on design parameters and borrowed concepts from the FLSmidth primary gyratory’s two-piece frame with its taper-interlock connection. This two-piece frame allows flexibility in sourcing, transport and ease of handling on site.

This large 2,000 hp machine has high crushing force (4,220,000 lb or 1,914,000 kg) with advanced head-motion dynamics in terms
of throw and pivot point. To safely apply this great crushing force, FLSmidth engineers focused on ensuring the structural integrity of all major components. Component mass was critical, and the machine’s design reflects what is expected of a robust 2,000 hp cone crusher that must reliably and durably handle the tough material characteristics and applications for which it was designed.

Inspired by customer feedback
The first model in the Raptor Cone Crusher series was developed with input from operators and producers and the XL2000 continues this tradition. With feedback from our customers FLSmidth has improved the cone crusher design for optimum performance in the toughest mining and quarrying operations.

Some of the new features of the XL2000 cone crusher include:

  • Double-acting tramp and clearing cylinders;
  • A sleeved main shaft to allow for rapid disassembly and access to all bronze bearings/bushings for inspection and (if required) replacement;
  • Improved design of T/U seal location to eliminate failures caused by material ingress.

These new XL2000 cone crusher features will eventually be incorporated or retro-fitted to several of our existing models.

Improved efficiency for high capacities
The XL2000 will create new opportunities for miners to link cone crushers directly to the primary crushing station. Instead of settling for a 180 mm to 200 mm product from a 6,000 tph primary gyratory crusher, the XL2000 cone crusher creates the opportunity for the same primary gyratory, supplemented with XL2000 cone crushers, to produce up to 10,000 tph and a 125 mm product that is ready for more efficient crushing in the next stage.

The advantage of producing a finer product and higher total tonnage from a primary gyratory and XL2000 is that fewer screens and crushers will be required in later stages to prepare material for milling or leaching. Because of this, the XL2000 cone crusher provides a better return on investment for high-tonnage applications.

CONTACT: Fred Gross