Supercenters tee up more service, close customer proximity

 A unique element of the FLSmidth® Supercenter concept is our community outreach.

A unique element of the FLSmidth® Supercenter concept is our community outreach.

Responding to our customers’ quest for a competitive advantage, FLSmidth is building and launching all-in-one service centres called Supercenters. The eight centres are strategically located near mining and cement operations.

“Our Supercenters are tailored to solvecustomer problems especially in the areas of plant efficiency and safety”, says Bjarne Moltke Hansen, Group Executive Vice President. “Through our Supercenters, our customer working relationships are expanded and services are tailored to meet their needs while we are also reaching out to the local universities and communities to enhance education and skills”.

Opening for business this year and next, the FLSmidth® Supercenters feature:

  • Proximity to customers for timely delivery and support
  • Strategic stock so customers don’t have to wait for shipments
  • Rebuild and repair capabilities to increase plant up time
  • Safety training for customers andemployees
  • Training rooms and tailored modules so customers, employees, and others can learn to use equipment optimally
  • Community and university educational outreach 
  • Small-scale laboratory services

To increase plant efficiency, we collaborate with customers to teach, train and help staff better understand the processes, systems, and the equipment which they operate. Through our training programme, operational staff increase skills and learn safety guidelines and practices, which in turn improve the plant’s efficiency and safe operation.

“I am very pleased about FLSmidth’s Super­center and the fact that the ideas we worked on together back in 2008 are becoming a reality“, says Max Combes, Project Manager Antapaccay, Xstrata Copper. He continues, “I believe that FLSmidth is already an important Xstrata partner in all of the South American projects and the Supercenter will enhance its support and contribution for the future new operations of Antapaccay and Las Bambas. The Supercenter location, size, and equipment should allow a rapid and effective main­tenance for components as well as the possibility to train the operators.”

A unique element of the FLSmidth® Supercenter concept is our community outreach. Our core business is knowledge intensive so we believe in impacting the local societies with what we do best, offering knowledge, training, and development of people. Our philosophy is that when we are developing our local societies, we are also developing and improving our and our customers’ businesses. In our Supercenters, we create and offer technology training modules specific to customer and community requests with safety training as an emphasis. By raising the local skill levels and by creating jobs in our communities, we aim to be a partner to the community and our customers.

The eight FLSmidth Supercenters are in six countries:

  • Tucson, Arizona, USA
  • Brisbane and Perth, Australia 
  • Arequipa, Peru 
  • Antofagasta and Santiago, Chile
  • Khanbogd, Mongolia
  • Delmas, South Africa

It’s common knowledge that our industries are being scrutinised by the public more than ever at this time of heightened societal demand for responsible and sustainable environmental practices. At the Super­centers, as in all of our facilities, every effort is made to ensure environmentally friendly practices and sustainability. For example, contaminants and waste products are removed from equipment in a contained wash-down area for proper removal and disposal. To conserve water and reduce energy consumption, rain water is collected for irrigation and power is generated by solar energy whenever feasible. Natural light is used to best advantage. All of this is in addition to the work we do to offer products that are efficient, that save energy and that offer environmentally friendly solutions to customers.

CONTACT: Romy Martin