Supercenters dotting the globe

FLSmidth is expanding its global reach by building strategically located Supercenters. Undertaken as an effort to create a true partnership with both customers and local communities, these Supercenters are strategically located close to both mining and cement operations, and offer parts warehouses, conference rooms, testing facilities and training centers. As part of its Customer Services offering, Supercenters are a way for FLSmidth’s dedication to customers to really shine. And not just with technical capabilities, but in local community interactions as well.

Operational excellence in material handling

The order placed by United Manganese of Kalahari in South Africa consisted of stackers, reclaimers, electrical, control and instrumentation for the machines. The combination of equipment design, project execution and on-site support demonstrates the operational excellence that FLSmidth brings to a project through coordination between technology centers, research facilities and regional personnel.

Alumina feeding system in Venezuela

FLSmidth’s Hamburg, Germany, office received an order from the Venezuelan aluminium company CVG Aluminio del Caroní S.A., known as CVG ALCASA, for the engineering, supply and installation of the Möller® Direct Pot Feed System for Pot Lines 3 and 4. CVG ALCASA’s aluminium smelter is located not too far from Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, in South America.

Acquisitions - A token of strength

There are many motives for acquisitions. One of FLSmidth’s motives is providing the market’s most advanced and comprehensive products and services to its customers. This will extend FLSmidth’s status as a world-wide supplier of systems and services in the five minerals-focused industries: coal, iron ore, fertilizer, copper and gold. The goal is to become full flowsheet providers within the core products of each mineral. The series of nine acquisitions, which FLSmidth has executed within Minerals since March 2012, represents a considerable step in this direction and strongly complements FLSmidth’s organic growth.