Alumina feeding system in Venezuela

 Pot feeding system (Photo courtesy of Dubal)

Pot feeding system (Photo courtesy of Dubal)

FLSmidth’s Hamburg, Germany, office received an order from the Venezuelan aluminium company CVG Aluminio del Caroní S.A., known as CVG ALCASA, for the engineering, supply and installation of the Möller® Direct Pot Feed System for Pot Lines 3 and 4. CVG ALCASA’s aluminium smelter is located not too far from Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, in South America.

CVG ALCASA, a Venezuelan state-owned aluminium smelter with a total of 400 electrolytic pots, is refurbishing its smelter and will improve and update its technology through this new order. FLSmidth will convert the raw material supply, aluminum oxide, into the electrolytic cells from the existing batch feed system by portal cranes to a dust-free and fully-automated alumina feeding incorporating the Möller technology.

“The main goals are to increase the smelter line efficiency and to improve the environmental conditions with the enclosed, dust-free feeding systems,” said Joachim Dahms, FLSmidth Managing Director, Hamburg. “The particular challenge of this brownfield project is to execute the modifications and installations cell-by-cell during the smelter’s operation.”

The scope of supply includes a self-regulating, continuously working automatic pot feeding system with a capacity of 22 tons per hour for each of the two production lines. The lines consist of 400 electrical cells. This automated system will generate operational savings and optimize feeding operations.

FLSmidth has extensive experience and abilities to run references for this Möller technology, including during a customer’s operation. Earlier this year, the FLSmidth Hamburg office was awarded a contract by Emirates Aluminium Company in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, for the Möller Pot Feed System for a phase two greenfield project.

“The FLSmidth system is advanced,” Dahms said. ”A crane filling the raw material from the top into the superstructure of each electrolytic cell is a batch process with dust emissions, the direct pot feeding system is a dust-free process.”

The highlights of this specific Möller technology are:

  • Fluidflow pipe airslide, which is always fully loaded with material and continuously feeding
  • Low feeding velocity with little wear on equipment
  • No moving control devices, so there is no maintenance
  • Self-regulating, which is easy to operate, with immediate oxide delivery
  • Use of low pressure fans and blowers, which facilitates low energy consumption
  • No blockages, which means a re-start is possible with full pipes

CONTACT: Joachim Dahms