Building upon our strengths

Left to right: Carsten Lund – Executive Vice President Material Handling, Peter Flanagan – Executive Vice president Mineral Processing, Bjarne Moltke Hansen – Executive Vice President Customer Services

Letter from the heads of the minerals divisions

In 2012, FLSmidth reengineered its global organization to focus on our core industries and increase our ability to offer excellence to our expansive customer base. FLSmidth enjoyed its humble beginnings more than 130 years ago in Denmark and has over the decades acquired and merged together many respected and successful companies to create an unmatched powerhouse of mineral processing and material handling capabilities with complementary aftermarket and service offerings.

Now, to bring this all together and provide One Source to our customers, we have created three distinct mineral company divisions (Mineral Processing, Material Handling and Customer Services) to focus and magnify our efforts in five key minerals industries: gold, copper, iron ore, fertilizer minerals and coal.

Welcome to this first edition of Highlights Minerals. Within this issue, the articles will explore some of these focus industries, applicable technologies and valuable learnings that have come about from the experience of our employees working directly with customers in local settings around the world. Backed by our global strength, industry experience, quality products, established reliability of our trusted brands, proven sustainable solutions and impeccable service, FLSmidth is a company built on values, principles, safety and quality.

Being located near our customers, whether in offices, manufacturing plants, service facilities or on site, means we are working closely with all levels of our customers' organizations to understand and react quickly with decisive and forward-thinking solutions to create results and expand the opportunities for profitability.

With over 15,800 dedicated FLSmidth employees and countless satisfied customers around the world, it wasn’t hard to fill this issue of Highlights Minerals with exciting new information. Our vast history and expansive reach puts our people and equipment in almost every minerals plant around the world, giving us a true global perspective on the industry.

As you read through this issue, we hope you find something that sparks your interest and helps you better understand what it is we do here at FLSmidth. As always, we strive to explore new ideas and technologies in order to continue our innovations to provide solutions to the industry and to our valued customers.