Innovation surpassing emission standards

 FLSmidth flash drying system

FLSmidth flash drying system

As demand for fertilizer increases worldwide, FLSmidth is supplying the world’s largest phosphate flash drying system for drying dewatered phosphate ore to OCP Office Chérifien des Phosphates, a customer in Morocco. OCP is a world leader in extraction and treatment of phosphate and phosphate products primarily for the fertilizer industry.

FLSmidth’s large-scale flash drying system reduces capital operations and expenditure, while protecting the environment.
— Charles Euston FLSmidth Global Director Pyrometallurgy

“By using FLSmidth’s large-scale flash drying system,” said Charles Euston, FLSmidth Global Director of Pyrometallurgy, “OCP can reduce the number of required units, saving capital and operational expenses.”

The system is part of a large equipment and technology order that will be supplied to a phosphate terminal for the Jorf Lasfar port, which is in Casablanca, Morocco, Northern Africa. The flash drying system has a capacity of 31,000 tons per day. Also to be supplied are combustion systems, pelletizing and an air pollution control system, including a limestone-based flue gas desulfurization system and a complete control package.

OCP’s decision to place the order was influenced by several factors. At the top of the list was FLSmidth’s extensive, four-year pilot test that studied an OCP flash dryer proposal using replicated, pilot-scale equipment at FLSmidth’s test site in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA.

“Our ability to compete at this scale was proven over a period of four years,” Euston said. “We demonstrated that our equipment fit the proposal requirements, supplied superior technology and provided other important benefits.”

Another main benefit was FLSmidth’s ability to innovate and exceed World Bank emission standards, a guideline that is widely accepted as a global standard. Through innovations in design and capabilities, FLSmidth is able to provide world-class automation and air pollution control systems, which benefit the environment.

“The system is easy to operate and the design adapts to local conditions,” Euston said. “We can achieve a wide range of moisture levels in this product. That way there are more options to where it can be shipped due to our ability to modify the moisture content and overall efficiency of the system.”

Customer service is always a main focus with any project, and as such, Jean-Claude Serbon, FLSmidth General Manager, France, maintains contact with OCP in Morocco and strives to ensure full customer satisfaction.

This OCP equipment order comes on the heels of last year’s large material handling order for OCP that supplies equipment for the same Jorf Lasfar port on the Atlantic Coast. The material handling order scope ranges from engineering to design to fabrication of all steel structures and mechanical parts, as well as specific equipment related to ship loading.

CONTACT: Charles Euston