Packing in the crowds at MINExpo Intl 2012

 FLSmidth booth at MINExpo Intl. 2012

FLSmidth booth at MINExpo Intl. 2012

FLSmidth focused on the quality of visitors' experience at MINExpo Intl. which brought in crowds of people who were able to interact with FLSmidth's industry experts.

MINExpo International is one of the largest mining shows in the world. With 12 halls covering more than 850,000 square feet, an attendee would have to walk 15 miles end to end to see it all. This show represents every segment of the mining industry from material handling, electrical and processing equipment, drilling and engineering to construction and mining services, components, hand tools and supplies.

MINExpo is held every four years in the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The 2012 show boasted the largest attendance on record with over 45,400 in attendance. More than 100 countries were represented at the show, and 30% of the 1,860 exhibitors were from outside the United States.

To truly understand the enormity of this show, many of the largest companies arrived seven weeks in advance to assemble much of their equipment on site. Some exhibitors had extremely large items, such as massive trucks and mining equipment, to put on display. The doors of the convention center simply weren’t large enough to get these items through and onto the show floor in one piece.

FLSmidth was no small player in the show, but even with a two-level 2,900 square foot booth, there were so many people visiting the booth there was still little room to move around during most of the show. So, what was it that brought in so many people?

FLSmidth really focused on the quality of the visitors’ experience at this show. In addition to always providing those crucial one-on-one interactions with our industry experts from each of our processes and brands, along with our international representatives, we wanted to bring even more to the table this year.

FLSmidth continuously strives to contribute to and grow the base knowledge of products, innovations and processes within the minerals industry. For this reason, our industry experts held open presentations at our in-booth theater on a different subject every half hour during the exhibition hours. These mineral processing and material handling experts presented topics from filtration to milling to automation from the angle of professionals who work daily with mining projects around the world. The presentations focused on solutions and technologies aimed at making mining operations more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Always on the cutting edge of technology, the FLSmidth booth featured a wall of live automation feeds displaying our capabilities to remotely monitor, troubleshoot and supervise plant operations. These impressive automation screens sat across from our interactive plant touch screens where visitors could fly through a plant and zoom in on the specific equipment for more details. This gave not only the overview of the different pieces of the plant, but a comprehensive view of just how substantial FLSmidth’s flowsheet really is in the minerals industry. The aim was to help visitors understand all of the areas in which we could help them in building, monitoring and optimizing their operations.

To keep things exciting, FLSmidth developed a brand new game for mobile devices which was launched for MINExpo. FLSmidth’s Rocks is an addicting and fun game that takes place inside a ball mill. Players destroy rocks tumbling inside the mill with a swipe of their finger to earn points. Each day of the show the top three scorers were awarded prizes. The game was so addicting that there were certain players who came back daily and spent hours striving for higher scores.

In the end, all the efforts for MINExpo this year were a success. Many new contacts were made, through both in-booth interaction and from contact cards that were filled out by people who attended any of the presentations. The MINExpo team can now relax for a bit before starting plans for MINExpo 2016!

CONTACT: Andrew Cuthbert