Supercenters dotting the globe

FLSmidth is expanding its global reach by building strategically located Supercenters. Undertaken as an effort to create a true partnership with both customers and local communities, these Supercenters are strategically located close to both mining and cement operations, and offer parts warehouses, conference rooms, testing facilities and training centers. As part of its Customer Services offering, Supercenters are a way for FLSmidth’s dedication to customers to really shine. And not just with technical capabilities, but in local community interactions as well.

At the Supercenter in Arequipa, Peru, the community connection is especially evident. Jorge Antonia Peña, FLSmidth Customer Service Supercenter Manager, says, “The Supercenter has the potential to be the link between the local community and our customers through our training programs, offering full training to the young people of the community.” There is a lack of skilled technicians in the area, and the training provided by FLSmidth will help to fill needed jobs with people from the community. The Supercenter in Delmas, South Africa, echoes this sentiment and is seeing a keen interest from the community in the technical training offered.

In Perth, Australia, the building has been designed to have as little environmental impact on the local area as possible. In addition to utilizing solar electricity and auto-controlled lights and air-conditioning, the Supercenter also captures all rain water on site and reuses it for gardening and on-site waste water treatment and disposal. This is not only a benefit to the local community but also sets an example of the strides being made in eco-friendly office spaces worldwide.

What makes FLSmidth’s Supercenters a forward-thinking step in customer service is the unique and specific ways each local center can interact with the particular needs of the customers in its immediate area. For example, at the Arequipa location, a test run of 24 Ludowici® screens was assembled for a customer, which was able to have one of their employees at the Supercenter to oversee the test. This allowed FLSmidth to demonstrate its capabilities with specialized projects, and also by its strong committment to safety through all stages of development, using the best people and technology.

Stephan Kruger, FLSmidth General Manager of the Delmas, South Africa, location, says, “With the addition of an in-house FLSmidth workshop environment that is focused on repairs and rebuilds, we now have the ability to provide our customers with an FLSmidth-quality product at reduced prices, during times in which the global financial climate forces our customers to stretch financial resources to their limits.”

The successes of the Supercenters are already obvious in the interactions with customers. From the Perth, Australia location comes this tale of a Supercenter saving a customer from a potential catastrophic failure: “A customer had concerns regarding a girth gear they purchased from a competitor,” said Peter Kilner, FLSmidth General Manager, Perth, Australia. “The Supercenter had the space and cranage to bring the girth gear to our facility, and then used the Customer Service staff to assess and report on the faults in the manufacturing. This saved the customer from a potential catastrophic failure had they installed the gear and then found it defective.”

Bringing customer service directly to the customer’s door in a company that spans the globe can seem like a daunting task. As FLSmidth continues to build new Supercenters in locations throughout the world, its customer service capabilities will be able to personally reach more and more customers, and continue to set the bar for customer service expectations in the industry.

CONTACT: Romy Martin