Unleashing the full potential of dry bulk stockyard equipment

 FLSmidth's BulkExpert system is one of the most advanced automation technologies on the market

FLSmidth's BulkExpert system is one of the most advanced automation technologies on the market

Mine and port terminal operators around the world work diligently to achieve optimal return on their capital investment, and FLSmidth’s BulkExpert™ system stands as a superior option to help them meet this goal.

BulkExpert—which operates in concert with various combinations of stacker/reclaimers, ship loaders/unloaders and train load-out stations—has the most advanced automation technologies on the market and is already making a positive difference through its use in sites in Europe, North America, Australia, Brazil and Malaysia. Whereas other bulk material systems harvest only limited information, the BulkExpert system's advanced algorithms and 3D scanner ensure that it is always creating a real-life, real-time picture. This allows the BulkExpert system to efficiently adapt to any event or change that can occur in a live environment.

This technology enables FLSmidth to consistently deliver the results customers are looking for.

Customers have reported the following range of benefits:

  • Higher equipment efficiency
  • Reduced labour costs
  • More homogeneous flow rates
  • Significant reductions in maintenance costs
  • Increased quality prediction
  • Better energy utilization
  • Greener profile

Different operating methods combined with the multiplicity of materials have traditionally made it difficult to rely on anything but highly-skilled operators and, to some extent, semi-automatic systems for transporting dry bulk material. These methods, though, result in uncaptured potential due to variations in operator performance, operational errors (expressed in unplanned machine downtime) and insufficient or inconsistent availability of stockyard information.

The BulkExpert solution allows for an entire stockyard operation to be handled by only one operator per shift. The operator can include all stacking and reclaiming operations alongside any unloading or loading tasks simply by entering the different job parameters for each machine and/or process into the system.

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