Celebrating 50 years in Mexico

FLSmidth has long been a part of this intriguing country, and our team recently celebrated its 50-year anniversary of formally being recognized and established in Mexico back in 1963.

With a rapidly emerging economy, a population that exceeds 118 million and a land dotted with ruins from ancient Mayan, Aztec and other indigenous civilizations, Mexico is a great destination point, rich in culture, colorful art, delicious food and hard-working people.

FLSmidth has long been a part of this intriguing country, and our team recently celebrated its 50-year anniversary of formally being recognized and established in Mexico back in 1963.

Time for a Fiesta! Employees gathered round for the special occasion and spent a day looking back at the FLSmidth team’s history and accomplishments. “We’ve succeeded in producing many great things over the last 50 years,” said Richardt Fangel, FLSmidth Mexico Country Head, “And we eagerly anticipate our continued growth and success as we move forward into the future.“

The day of celebration included gathering all the employees around to participate in adding their creative talents to a special painting for the event.

“Every employee painted on a canvas showing how he or she wanted their colleagues to see and remember them,” Richardt Fangel said. Once the artwork was finished, it was displayed surrounding a new logo that will be included in all materials for the remainder of the year. The logo shows “50 years” in English as well as “” which is the symbol for 50 in the Mayan counting system.

Once everybody had a chance to create their piece of history, they continued the festivities with dinner and socializing for the rest of the evening. To thank loyal customers and business associates for helping us to achieve this momentous milestone, a golf tournament is being hosted inviting them to join in the celebration.

Serving cement and minerals customers

Although 1963 was the official organization of its presence in Mexico, FLSmidth has been successfully involved in business activities into Mexico for more than 80 years, with its first sales coming to fruition in the 1930s.

A key market for the Mexican team has been in the cement industry, where they have played an important role winning major portions of the available opportunities. Currently, over 60 percent of the 30 existing cement plants incorporate FLSmidth design and equipment.

Due to the vast amount of natural resources available in Mexico, including gold, silver, copper, lead and zinc, FLSmidth has established a significant footprint in the Mexican mining industry with equipment installed in more than 45 mines throughout the region. When adding it all up, the local office can show an impressive installed base of operating equipment at all these Mexican sites, including 15 mills, 20 crushers, 300 flotation cells, 55 thickeners, 70 filters and numerous separators and pumps. Pyrometallurgical systems have also been supplied to clients for extraction of products like sodium sulfate, magnesium oxide and manganese, as well as for lime re-burning in pulp and paper processes.


The Mexico office covers and supports a wide region that includes Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, with its main office located in Monterrey, Nuevo León.
Being part of a global company means the local team is able to work closely with other regional offices and access the wealth of knowledge from all parts of the world. The Mexico team offers shared services to other locations to provide fellow colleagues and customers with the most efficient and competitive solutions. These services include procurement, project management, quality assurance, quality control, logistics, warehousing and stocking programs, as well as finance and administration, all of which create more opportunities for reduction of cost and optimization of delivery schedules.

For more than 45 years, FLSmidth has manufactured equipment locally in Mexico. From 1982 to 2000, this was accomplished at its own facilities in Monterrey (Fabricacion de Maquinaria Pesada SA de CV—a joint venture with CEMEX). Today, FLSmidth manages 10 to 15 manufacturing facilities in Mexico where much of its locally supplied equipment is manufactured. The company also makes and prepares equipment for export to customers in other parts of the world.

The team continues to enhance its relationships with the region’s mining and cement companies, and provides solutions to increase each plant’s sustainability. In 2008, FLSmidth partnered with a 130,000 tpd lead and zinc concentrator plant in Zacatecas, Mexico, to maintain its installed process equipment, over 80% of which was supplied by FLSmidth. Signed at the time for five years, the maintenance contract helps to employ almost 200 workers on site, while improving safety, plant availability, reliability and return on investment.

In building up the service capabilities in Mexico, training and experience has been key as the team is now able to service a complete concentrator line with Spanish-speaking specialists.

Moving forward

In order to improve service to its customers in Mexico, FLSmidth has initiated the construction of a local service unit at Zacatecas.

The groundbreaking ceremony took place on September 5, 2013, and included the participation of State Governor Miguel Alonso Reyes, State Secretary of Economic

Development Patricia Salinas and more than 100 customers and representatives from the local community.

The new facility reinforces FLSmidth’s commitment and promising future in the Mexican mining industry, and we hope this service center will benefit the local mining customers for many years to come. The service center is being constructed on a 12,400 m2 parcel of land, and the development and construction will begin with Phase 1: a 1,000 m2 warehouse along with 200 m2 offices and training facilities. We expect the service center will be operative by mid-2014.

Being a responsible partner and helping with the advancement of local industry is important to FLSmidth, as was shown when the Mexico team became one of the co-founding companies of the Zacatecas Mining Cluster (ClusMin) organization in 2011. ClusMin is the first of its kind in Mexico and its mission is to “facilitate and strengthen the development of the region’s mining industry.” The group quickly expanded to include most of the region’s mining companies. FLSmidth holds a seat on the board of directors and plays an active role in all of ClusMin’s committees, which includes a focus on human capital, safety, suppliers and innovation.

CONTACT: Richardt Fangel