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 FLSmidth Krebs Technequip® knife gate valve

FLSmidth Krebs Technequip® knife gate valve

With the recent award of a US$1.2 million valve contract, FLSmidth Krebs, with its Technequip® knife gate valve in the spotlight, has established its place in process industries as a premium knife gate valve supplier. While its headquarters are located in Tucson, Arizona, FLSmidth Krebs has Technequip valve installations worldwide, with a strong presence and support available across the globe.

Custom engineered valves are often necessary to meet the specific needs of the industry; the demand for better service, the desire for flexibility, and a realistic approach were all of key importance to this customer.
— Pat Turner General Managing Director, FLSmidth Krebs

The most recent purchase order was awarded by a major power-generating company in the southeastern United States. The selling process involved many extensive discussions and site visits to best understand the customer's needs and problems encountered with its previous valves before the Technequip valve was identified as the ultimate solution.

The client fully explained the importance of aftermarket service and how it was lacking from the previous valve supplier. FLSmidth Krebs trained field service personnel ensure that new valves are periodically inspected and maintained to keep the plant at full readiness.

Designed specifically for the harsh and abrasive slurries initially encountered in the mineral processing and now in the power generation industry, FLSmidth Krebs has been manufacturing and supplying the Technequip (formerly Technegate™) knife gate valve since 1999 and building on over 40 years of valve manufacturing experience. A full-size range is available, from 2" to 48" for standard pressure and

2" to 36" for the high-pressure line.

The Technequip valve product line has experienced tremendous growth over the last five years, and a new high pressure line has recently been added to meet the needs of the industry.

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