Packing and dispatching technology

Ventomatic’s R&D group has been exploring and developing technologies for use in the minerals and industrial markets.

For more than half a century, FLSmidth Ventomatic has delivered complete plants and single machinery for high-accuracy and high-capacity packaging and dispatching for the cement, building materials, chemical, petrochemical and minerals industries. For the past 20 years, focus has been placed on the cement industry, though in recent years FLSmidth Ventomatic’s R&D group has been exploring and developing technologies for use in the minerals and industrial markets. The goal has been to supply a complete range of products and technologies for packing and dispatching in the fertilizer, chemical, petrochemical and minerals markets similar to what has been offered within the cement industry for so many years. To accomplish this feat, FLSmidth Ventomatic teamed up with two experienced and reliable Italian companies to develop these technologies and offer minerals customers quality solutions backed by proven experience.

FLSmidth Ventomatic is now able to offer minerals customers:

  • High-accuracy “net weigh” weighers for bagging and bulk-load applications, to accurately measure and dose powdery or granulated products
  • VENTOPACK™ automatic and semiautomatic machines (Figure 3) for pre-formed open mouth bags with capacities up to 1,200 bags/h (50 kg bags), specifically designed to pack bulk free-flowing and semi-free-flowing granular products into plastic, paper or polywoven open-mouth bags
  • VENTOTUBE™ automatic form fill and seal (FFS) bagging machines, where the plastic bags are formed out of a roll of tubular plastic film, while simultaneously filling the bags with product and sealing the filled bags
  • Big bag filling machine—the big bags filling unit is suitable for production rates up to 60 big bags per hour and for most common products, even those with difficult flow
  • Additionally, the POLIMAT® EVO palletizer and CARICAMAT® automatic bag loader, manual loaders and the most recent addition, the Flying Forklift (FFL) have been added to our product portfolio

Special care was taken to ensure that the equipment to be used for the processing and handling of mineral and chemical products was designed, fabricated, constructed and installed according to sound design principles. This ensures that the equipment can be adequately installed and operated, and that surfaces are resistant to daily exposure to corrosive products and chemicals. General considerations when designing and fabricating this equipment include:

  • Clean and dust-free filling, to reduce the exposure of workers to dangerous agents
  • Stainless steel (or other corrosion resistant materials) used for contact surfaces
  • Non-product surfaces of equipment should be constructed with appropriate materials and fabricated in such a manner as to be reasonably cleanable, corrosion resistant and maintenance-free
  • All the components are easily accessible to facilitate inspection, testing, adjustment and cleaning
  • Use of proven and reliable sub-suppliers with proven records of successful installations in the industry

FLSmidth Ventomatic is devoted to a continued emphasis on R&D, and we feel that continuous research is the cornerstone of our future development. Our R&D center in Italy puts special emphasis on optimizing weigh accuracy; increasing plant and machine capacity, availability and operating efficiency; decreasing power consumption and minimizing safety risks. This center is also equipped with a testing facility where it is possible to test the equipment in the same conditions that it would be under within industrial production facilities.

CONTACT: Stefano Boscolo