Advancing reliability and maintenance

Advancing reliability and maintenance

FLSmidth is constantly moving forward with new innovations to provide more sustainable solutions for customers to get the most out of their investments. The FC1200-LS fine coal centrifuge offers a new design that reduces maintenance downtime, improves reliability and reduces the total cost of ownership. This latest advancement presents the industry with the most reliable and maintenance-friendly machine of its kind in the market today.

New portal scraper reclaimer in Mexico

In July 2014, FLSmidth Wadgassen was awarded a contract worth approximately 2.1m Euro by OHL Industrial, a division of Obrascón Huarte Lain (OHL), for the supply of a portal scraper reclaimer for the company P.M.I. (subsidiary of Pemex). This portal scraper reclaimer will be installed at the sulphur solidification and handling plant at Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, Mexico, which has a throughput of 360,000 tons of sulphur per year.

Increasing recoveries with flotation upgrades

Recently, a large copper mine in Australia approached FLSmidth asking for a new flotation mechanism design that would improve copper recovery, reduce power consumption, improve the life of wear parts and reduce maintenance costs. FLSmidth was able to accomplish all of the requirements by converting the old Agitair™ flotation technology to new Dorr-Oliver® flotation mechanisms. The customer is now planning to upgrade the rest of the flotation circuit to benefit from this increase in overall copper recovery across all of the flotation machines.

Improving production throughput with innovative screen media

FLSmidth is in the final stages of a trial study to test a new hybrid poly wire modular panel in a screening process. The new type of modular panel is being used to solve maintenance and production issues that arose from previous types of screen media being used in the silica operation. The trial has been carried out in conjunction with Rietvlei Silica Mine, a Glencore Merafe Venture Operation, situated near the town of Rustenburg in the Northwest Province of South Africa.

Higher pumping efficiencies for medium duty applications

Climbing power prices, particularly for new mine sites in remote locations, have sparked an increasing global demand for power savings solutions in the mineral processing industry. Over the years, plants have been using heavy-duty slurry pumps in applications where they are more powerful than needed. Because no plant should pay out increased energy costs for under-used pumps in medium-duty applications, FLSmidth Krebs has developed the millMAX-e™ pump, which is a hybrid between a heavy-duty slurry pump and an extremely efficient water pump that operates with efficiencies above 80%.

Going beyond the surface award-winning service solutions

In February 2013, FLSmidth's Customer Services group in Chile received a call from ENAMI-Paipote after they found a crack in their dryer shell during a normally scheduled maintenance shutdown. Under the direction of Eugenio Cruzat, FLSmidth Product Performance Senior Engineer and Guillermo Ulloa, FLSmidth Customer Services Technical Advisor, the FLSmidth team worked in coordination with the USA-based Kiln Services group to develop and achieve a solution to the problem.

Celebrating women in Customer Services across Australia

A diverse workforce has always been an essential part of the FLSmidth culture—and something the company believes is a requirement for meeting customers' needs. Women across Australia hold key positions in all areas of the Customer Services division, including sales, administration, purchasing, planning and warehouse roles. Here we highlight just a few of these valuable employees.