Advancing reliability and maintenance

FLSmidth is constantly moving forward with new innovations to provide more sustainable solutions for customers to get the most out of their investments. The FC1200-LS fine coal centrifuge offers a new design that reduces maintenance downtime, improves reliability and reduces the total cost of ownership. This latest advancement presents the industry with the most reliable and maintenance-friendly machine of its kind in the market today.

New Hope's New Acland Coal Mine in Queensland, Australia, has been operating the FC1200-LS fine coal centrifuge for over 11 months. The mine's CHPP Superintendent, Robert Rashleigh, commented on the performance of the unit, saying, "Since the installation of FC1200-LS, with an oil feed top bearing, we consider the following to be true advantages of this new unit: longer run periods due to reduced down time to grease the top bearing, cleaner running efficiencies, no grease contamination in the oil, less scheduled maintenance, and an ability to investigate longer wear life on baskets for reduced maintenance costs."

Based on the success of the first FC1200-LS centrifuge, the New Hope Group has chosen to update another machine in their New Acland Mine operations. The Peabody Moorvale Mine has also refurbished one of their fine coal centrifuges to the FC1200-LS to take advantage of the new design improvements and maintenance benefits.

The FC1200-LS is a direct replacement for the traditional FC1200 fine coal centrifuge. Existing machines can be returned to the factory to be upgraded to this new patented design. This provides an attractive aftermarket solution to clients looking to reduce maintenance downtime and improve the reliability of their equipment. The new design can be fitted to any plant currently operating the traditional FC1200 machine without any modifications to the plant, and the wet-end consumable parts remain unchanged.

The new, patented, integral lubrication system provides filtered oil lubrication to all moving parts in the machine with no need for grease lubrication as seen in traditional machines. Additionally, there are no remote or internal grease points. This means that the machine does not need to be stopped or disassembled for lubrication purposes (outside of scheduled oil changes).

The new gearbox design reduces oil contamination from the process stream. This feature removes the need for grease labyrinths, increases the life of the filter circuit and significantly improves the quality of the oil lubrication.

These improvements in sealing and lubrication extended the intervals for oil service by up to 30%.

The design principles applied have ensured that the easy operation of the traditional machine remains the same, while maintenance and reliability have improved. The product has been designed to the quality standard that is expected of the FLSmidth brand and has involved leading engineers, industry experts, service personnel and key customers to ensure a practical and innovative solution is provided to the industry. Extensive factory testing has been backed by real-world field trials to ensure a reliable turnkey product for customers.

Craig Wilson, FLSmidth Global Product Director of Centrifuges and Reflux Classifiers, said, “It's fantastic to see the close collaboration between our customers, product managers and our experienced engineers in discussing problems and coming up with solutions to improve the performance of our equipment and the availability of our equipment in their plants.”

CONTACT: David Starr