Higher pumping efficiencies for medium duty applications

Climbing power prices, particularly for new mine sites in remote locations, have sparked an increasing global demand for power savings solutions in the mineral processing industry. Over the years, plants have been using heavy-duty slurry pumps in applications where they are more powerful than needed. Because no plant should pay out increased energy costs for under-used pumps in medium-duty applications, FLSmidth Krebs has developed the millMAX-e™ pump, which is a hybrid between a heavy-duty slurry pump and an extremely efficient water pump that operates with efficiencies above 80%.

FLSmidth Krebs has long been an industry leader for efficient and long-lasting, heavy-duty slurry pumps. The millMAX-e™ pump is the newest member of FLSmidth Krebs' millMAX® pump product family which was created by world-renowned pump designer John S. Frater and was designed with value in mind. It's built with the same heavy-duty shafts and bearings used in the standard millMAX pumps products, thus maintaining the robust reliability of the product line. Though robust, it features a leaner design with new power frames that beneficially lower its total capital cost.

This new pump was put through extensive computational fluid dynamics analysis and hydraulic lab testing to ensure highly efficient performance. The millMAX-e pump also features the same patented adjustable millMAX suction side sealing system as FLSmidth Krebs' other horizontal slurry pumps.

The millMAX-e pump is versatile for different applications from medium abrasive (any slurry with 10–15% volumetric concentration and below) to corrosive slurries. It comes standard with high chrome wet-end materials, but can be used in corrosive applications with possible hypoeutectic high chrome or stainless steel options. Previous to the millMAX-e pump, FLSmidth Krebs did not have an option for urethane-lined pumps, but the millMAX-e pump will be available with a urethane lining, making it suitable for applications in mineral sands.

The millMAX-e is not meant to be put into applications with severely abrasive slurries, such as hard rock mill discharge or tailings applications. For heavier-duty applications, FLSmidth Krebs' heavy-duty Ultimate Mill Discharge (UMD), millMAX and slurryMAX® (rubber-lined) pumps are better suited to get the job done. No matter the application, there is a millMAX pump to fit the job.

CONTACT: Kenny Don