Online training connects to self-paced learning anywhere

Delivering quality training when and where our customers need it most

It just got easier to gain valuable knowledge for your products in the minerals industry.

FLSmidth Institute has taken its educational tools online to give customers easier and immediate access to specialized technical training on minerals processing and minerals processing equipment – all you need is a personal computer or tablet and an internet connection.

This means that in addition to inviting you to learn in our classrooms, we are now bringing learning to you, inviting you to learn where you are – on your terms, on your schedule. This is an important step in our ongoing effort to work more closely with our customers and provide convenience as well as quality and competence.

Online Courses

Take advantage of easy access to learning. FLSmidth Institute has started producing a series of online introduction courses that are being made available via FLSmidth’s website. The following online courses are currently available:

  • Introduction to Copper
  • Overview of the Fuller-Kinyon® Pump*

Both of these online courses are presented with the same high-quality learning experience and inside knowledge of the minerals industry that you have come to experience from our instructor-led training. And because interest in these types of e-learning opportunities is building, more courses are already in production. In the pipeline for the coming season is an online course on conveyor operation.

And who knows, maybe next year we will be launching an online course inspired by you or your organization’s needs. It is not just important that we meet our customers where they are, it is equally important, that we meet them with products that have value to their organization. With this in mind, please contact us for any training needs that you would like to see covered online.

Benefits of e-Learning

At FLSmidth Institute, we do not find that e-learning and classroom learning are mutually exclusive or in competition, but there are obvious and measurable advantages for a learner who learns online. At the top of the list of advantages – in addition to the learning experience – are lower costs, flexibility, better use of time, accelerated learning and fast-paced accomplishment.

Customized training solutions

The main reason for these advantages is that our online courses are accessible on your schedule. Adapting our training to your needs means that you can study at home, at work, or on the road, and at any time of day – you are unbound by time and place. It means that you can eliminate the travel time you would normally spend getting to a training venue. And you can reduce the time you would normally spend away from your work station to undergo training in a fraction of the time out of your workday.

Additionally, our 24/7/365 availability means that you can get your new employees started on their necessary training immediately. Online training is self-paced, meaning you can watch the training at a pace that suits you, and re-watch sequences or an entire training session several times. This does not mean slow-paced. In fact, e-learning sessions are often up to 75% shorter than a classroom session.

In short, you will get the best possible training from the experts who understand the mining industry, the best processes to use, and an education on how the equipment works. And with online training, you can be flexible with how you participate so the training doesn’t interfere with your work day more than absolutely necessary.
For further information

To browse for an e-learning course that fits your requirements or to see examples of our online training program, please visit the address below.

If you have a story to share about your productive experience with FLSmidth Institute’s e-learning and classroom programs, or want to suggest other training topics, please contact

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