Series 600 SuperCell™ update

Our flotation specialists recently commissioned the Series 600 SuperCell flotation cell as an integral part of the Robinson concentrator plant in Ely, Nevada. This SuperCell mechanism has a enormous volume of 660 m³, making it the largest operating flotation cell in the world.

The 660 m³ supercell (largest operating cell in the world) will be an integral part in robinson’s rougher-scavenger circuit.
— Dariusz Lelinski Flotation Product Development Manager, FLSmidth

The story starts a few years back when FLSmidth engineers started developing the next generation of flotation cells. Working closely with KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. at their Robinson Mine, an agreement was signed to test the 600-series technology, and the project progressed into site construction in 2013. The SuperCell fabrication was completed that same year and then hydrodynamically tested in 2014.

Analysis of the hydrodynamic data demonstrated the Series 600 SuperCell mechanism was ready for industrial operation and the equipment was commissioned on April 20th 2015. To carefully manage the least possible impact on the other parts of the Robinson operation, the cell was ramped up over a 6-hour period. At the beginning, approximately 25 people from Robinson and FLSmidth were on deck observing the operation. After 2-3 hours of successful operation, only a few people were required to remain to ensure steady and continuous operation.

Commissioning of the cell was a success and the system operated smoothly as expected.

The last phase of this project started in June with continuous evaluation of machine parameters and metallurgical performance of the various FLSmidth mechanisms, including installation and assessment of the recently launched nextSTEP rotor/stator combination.

“During the testing phase, we are controlling cell parameters to assure that all tests are performed according to plan. When not testing, the 660m³ SuperCell will be an integral part in Robinson's rougher-scavenger circuit,” said Dariusz Lelinski, Flotation Product Development Manager at FLSmidth.

The Series 600 Supercell technology is designed to accommodate variations in process application and customer requirements which may require an increase or decrease in cell volume. It can be fitted with either FLSmidth's forced-air or naturally induced-air mechanisms.

FLSmidth designs, builds and commissions a number of sizes of flotation cells varying from 1 m³ up to 660 m³, and including both WEMCO® self-aspirated mechanisms and Dorr-Oliver® forced-air mechanisms. Over the years, FLSmidth has delivered over 56,000 flotation machines and also offers comprehensive metallurgical testing, process design and field support.

CONTACT: Frank Traczyk