Productivity-focused solutions

Being in business for more than 130 years, we’ve gained valuable experiences that have been crucial in tackling the multifaceted challenges we see today. Our accumulated knowledge gives FLSmidth a huge competitive advantage in the marketplace and enables us to respond to customers professionally and responsibly. We crave forward thinking, and we're always exploring for needed adjustments and poising for present and future opportunities. Our people are continually innovating to fully realize the latest advancements and move the industry forward. 

FLSmidth engineers and experts are responsible for more than 1,330 patents on technologies and processes that are utilized in plants all over the globe. Gold, copper, iron ore, fertilizer minerals, cement and coal are current main focus areas for our company and our clients, but we have also learned from applying our expertise in a variety of industries where our equipment helps—processing food, refining chemicals, treating water, creating power, cutting down on emissions and protecting the environment, just to name a few. This vast amount of experience is disseminated across all the projects we are privileged to work with, giving customers more value and understanding. 

Now entering 2016, we have renewed our determination to offer our customers productivity-focused solutions. Each of our divisions servicing the minerals industry is looking at ways to empower customers and contribute to economic development.

 Manfred Schaffer President – Minerals Division

Manfred Schaffer
President – Minerals Division

"The mining industry is looking for ways to ensure optimal productivity and single source responsibility. FLSmidth is able to offer full minerals processing solutions because we combine the best people and quality products that improve performance and increase productivity. By strengthening our customer relationships and unifying our approach, we are able to better facilitate our customers’ requirements and ensure sustainable success.”

 Brian Day President – Customer Services Division

Brian Day
President – Customer Services Division

“Customer Services provides value directly to the bottom line of our customers, increasing their productivity, enhancing operational performance, reducing cost, and minimizing water and power consumption. Working with the other divisions in serving the FLSmidth customer, we demonstrate our One Source advantage, focusing on the total cost of ownership, performance and efficiency at the time of the sale, and also serving customers with parts, upgrades or rebuilds on an ongoing basis.”

 Bjarne Moltke Hansen President – Product Companies Division

Bjarne Moltke Hansen
President – Product Companies Division

“Delivering the best return on investment for our customers is at the heart of our company's business model. And improving productivity in our customers’ operations is no doubt the biggest lever towards this goal—whether it’s in a new greenfield project or in a brownfield expansion or optimization. We are not only focused on delivering excellent products, but also on solutions and services that improve productivity and reduce the entire lifecycle cost of the operation.“

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