Screen panel trials deliver tangible benefits

For a select few, a “screen test” could lead to fame and fortune on the big screen. Although most of us haven’t made it to that prestigious status, there are more applicable screen tests on which we get to play a part within the mining industry. Recently, a series of screen panel trials of the FLSmidth screen media range was undertaken, and we’re proud to say that they delivered many outstanding performances.

Reducing costs while boosting throughput

BlueScope Steel Limited’s steelworks at Port Kembla—in New South Wales' Illawarra region—is the largest steel production facility in Australia. The company operates a primary shipyard for unloading, and a secondary stockyard for material blending and sorting. BlueScope wanted an automated solution that would cut costs while maximizing area utilization, and, at the same time, boost reclaiming throughput. They found their solution in FLSmidth’s BulkExpertTM system, and a full return on investment is expected within two years.

High-performance turnkey services deliver ahead of schedule

All mines go through shutdowns for maintenance, repairs and upgrades. The shorter the shutdown period, the sooner the plant can get back online and into full productivity. Months of careful planning are essential to ensure that the right people, tools, parts and time are properly scheduled and available. The goal is always to bring the shutdown project to a smooth, safe and quick completion.