Marius Kloppers included in South Africa Mining Hall of Fame

Member of FLSmidth's Board and former CEO of BHP, Marius Kloppers, was Tuesday evening inaugurated in the South Africa Mining Hall of Fame by the Joburg Mining Indaba 2017 in South Africa

The South Africa Mining Hall of Fame honours individuals who have shown exceptional leadership in the South African mining industry: "As an industry, we know too well our unique legacy and challenges and believe we can do more to celebrate the significant progress that has been made. We would therefore like to recognize and celebrate key players in our industry, role models that young South Africans can look up to," explains Chair of Joburg Mining Indaba, Bernard Swanepoel.

"We unanimously chose to nominate Marius Kloppers as an outstanding individual, who has contributed to the mining industry’s development over many years; improving the Australian-South African axis, driving unmatched growth and reshaping the mining landscape," says Bernard Swanepoel.

Marius Kloppers used the opportunity to address the need for governments and mining companies to agree on shared interests and the need for a broad view on value to ensure future growth.

Marius Kloppers, member of the Board in FLSmidth, former CEO of BHP from 2007-2013

Marius Kloppers, member of the Board in FLSmidth, former CEO of BHP from 2007-2013


Jette Westerdahl
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FLSmidth opens office in Ghana

FLSmidth is strengthening its Africa footprint with the opening of a new office in Accra, the capital of Ghana

The new presence in Accra will provide a hub for regional operations, as there is already a large installed base not just in Ghana but in other neighbouring countries including Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Mali and Guinea.

“We have done business for many decades in West Africa and have a wide network of distributors and agents,” says Deon de Kock, Vice President in FLSmidth Sub-Saharan Africa. “Ghana is West Africa's biggest and fastest growing economy with a diverse and rich resource base. There are positive signs of recovery in the minerals sector in West Africa, especially in the gold mining segment. We want to build our own in-house resources in this region, and fine tune our service and support activities to add more value to our customers’ operations," states De Kock.

The Accra office will be staffed by Ghanaian employees: "We believe that local skills, experience and expertise are vital to ensure a good understanding of customers and local conditions, and to provide optimal service levels," explains De Kock. Joseph Appiah Kubi has been appointed general manager of the new Ghana office that will also be a venue for product and process training for customers. The office will be fully operational by September 2017.


Deon de Kock
Vice President, FLSmidth Sub-Saharan Africa, Phone: +1-801-230-8409,

Jette Westerdahl
Marketing Communications Manager, Mobile: +45 3093 1855,

FLSmidth collaboration with Goldcorp to eliminate conventional slurry tailings dams

FLSmidth will be working with Goldcorp to develop EcoTails™, a new system to dramatically improve tailings and waste rock disposal while economically processing mine waste and increasing water recovery and reuse by as much as 90–95%.

Together with the world’s third largest gold miner, Goldcorp, FLSmidth is co-developing a system for co-mingling dewatered tailings with waste rock in a continuous process. Designed specifically for large scale mining applications, the system is expected to be environmentally safer for managing tailings and waste rock storage and has the potential to eliminate conventional slurry tailings dams completely. Combined with FLSmidth's co-developed filter press dewatering technology, co-mingling is the missing piece of the puzzle to keep costs low for dry stacked tailings.

"As water resources become increasingly scarce and mining dams grow globally, so do the risks,” says Todd Wisdom, Director of Tailings Systems, FLSmidth. “We believe that the target for the industry is to completely eliminate tailings dams, and to recirculate maximum water back to the process. Highly dewatered tailings is the sustainable route for tailings disposal, and our work with Goldcorp will help EcoTails™ develop into both a technologically viable and economically feasible solution for large scale mining."

The solution is being studied for full scale testing at Peñasquito, Goldcorp's largest mine, with an average daily throughput of 130,000 tons/day. Co-mingled waste disposal has previously only been used at small scale mines using dozers, trucks, high cost liquid-solid separation processes, and significant manpower, making the solution too costly for large-tonnage operations.

By using materials conveyance as the energy source for the mixing, Goldcorp and FLSmidth are testing a low energy, low cost co-mingling solution, with the waste blended in transit using specially designed material handling technologies. This method will make the solution economically competitive with traditional tailings disposal methods for large mines.

The method of co-mingling tailings with mine waste in a continuous process produces a new type of waste called GeoWaste™. The filtered tailings cost is minimized by using fast filtering technology and waste rock to provide additional strength to the blended material. The risk of acid rock leaching from the waste rock is minimized by filter cake filling the voids of the waste rock matrix, greatly reducing oxygen flux. Once the system completes testing it will be offered commercially by FLSmidth.


Jette Westerdahl
Marketing Communications Manager, Mobile: +45 3093 1855,

Todd Wisdom
Director of Tailings Systems, Phone: +1-801-230-8409,

FLSmidth wins operations contract in Morocco

FLSmidth wins first Operation & Maintenance contract in Morocco

FLSmidth has won a five-year contract from OCP S.A. (formerly known as Office Chérifien des Phosphates) to operate port equipment for handling phosphate, fertilizers, and sulphur. The port is located in Jorf Lasfar, El Jadida, 100 km south of Casablanca, Morocco. The contract marks FLSmidth’s first Operation & Maintenance contract in Morocco.

FLSmidth was awarded this contract as part of OCP’s ‘ecosystem’ initiative to benefit the local economy by bringing external know-how and hiring local workforce. FLSmidth was selected as partner due to their extensive know-how and commitment to source locally.

“We are extremely proud to be awarded this contract. It marks the culmination of a long-standing partnership between OCP and FLSmidth and is an important step in materials handling equipment operations in Morocco. We will deliver productivity enhancement to OCP by operating and maintaining the equipment we have supplied ourselves,” said Claus Christian Torbøl, Senior Vice President, FLSmidth Operation & Maintenance.


Jette Westerdahl
Marketing Communications Manager, Mobile: +45 3093 1855,

Release of new software: Real-time operations intelligence

New FLSmidth ECS/PlantDataManagement software helps operators to transform process and quality data into actionable information

Today FLSmidth launches the ECS/PlantDataManagement software: The system integrates all process and quality information islands, making critical real-time plant data available to both operational, management and executive levels.

Improved profits and productivity

System setup and configuration is quick and easy. The standard solution package bundles all required components, including predefined mimics, standard report templates, and dashboards, which means ECS/PlantDataManagement can start providing information with minimum effort. The system can be also customised to suit the exact needs of each user.

ECS/PlantDataManagement is part of the FLSmidth Expert Control and Supervision suite of products focused on the operation and optimisation of processes.

Powerful data-driven dashboards

Real-time and historical user-friendly dashboards are available to any user through the ECS/PlantDataManagement portal. The dashboard summarises real-time and historical data, allowing users to identify opportunity areas and drive incremental continuous improvements. Users can track and monitor the performance and health of the plant by reporting on KPIs and different plant metrics.

Standard and customisable reports

With ECS/PlantDataManagement, plant managers and engineers can produce all required reports with just one touch. Automatic reports can be scheduled for defined times, from every minute to every hour, shift, day, week, month or year.

"User-friendliness, easy setup and quick configuration is paramount in a modern management information system. ECS/PlantDataManagement allows plant staff to transform operational data into actionable information in minimum time," explains Global Product Line Manager for FLSmidth Automation, King Becerra.


Jette Westerdahl, Marketing Communications Manager, Mobile: +45 3093 1855,

King Becerra, Global Product Line Manager, Automation, Phone: +1 610 264 6443, 

FLSmidth key supplier for one of the world's largest greenfield phosphate rock projects

Canadian Arianne Phosphate has selected FLSmidth as key supplier for one of the world's biggest greenfield phosphate rock projects, the Lac à Paul project in Quebec’s Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region.

Arianne Phosphate, a Canadian development-stage phosphate mining company, has signed a memorandum of understanding with FLSmidth to provide all production equipment and engineering for their future plant, Lac à Paul, located 650km north-east of Montreal, covering an area of more than 270 km₂.

The phosphate processing plant will be designed for a capacity of 55,000 tonnes per day, to produce 3 million tonnes per annum of phosphate rock concentrate, grading 38.6% P2O5, with concentrate P2O5 recovery of 90%.

Brian Ostroff, the CEO of Arianne Phosphate states "The process of bringing Lac a Paul into development will benefit greatly from FLSmidth's technological leadership, solid experience in the phosphate industry, and their ability to help facilitate financing. Greenfield projects like this requires significant financial backing from several financial partners. With the support of Denmark’s Export Credit Agency (EKF) FLSmidth has been able to open the door to the finance community by ensuring the most sustainable technologies with a focus on crucial water and energy resources."  

Group Executive Vice President for FLSmidth's Minerals Division, Manfred Schaffer is equally excited about being on the project, adding "As a full flowsheet provider on a project of this scale, we can really make a difference by designing a process flow with optimal productivity and the lowest total cost of ownership.”

Media contact

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New classifier technology recovers 20% iron otherwise sent to waste

FLSmidth secures order for new REFLUX™ Classifier technology for treatment of iron ore fines in Norway

Rana Gruber operating an iron ore mine and concentrator close to the Arctic Circle in Norway decided to order the two REFLUX™ Classifier RCTM-3000-HY-SS units following successful pilot trials. The new REFLUX™ Classifier technology is rapidly gaining popularity in coal and iron ore processing applications around the world because of its high separation efficiency and the ability to easily handle varying feed conditions compared to traditional gravity separation technology.

In the pilot trials at Rana Gruber, the Reflux Classifier technology demonstrated consistent separation and high separation efficiency in the 0-150µm size fraction from material currently discarded to tailings. While the iron grade of the feed to the Reflux Classifier is around 10% the concentrate produced by the Reflux Classifier was more than 60% Fe, and a yield of more than 20% of the iron in the 0-150µm size fraction that is currently lost to waste.

Sales Director EMENA, Andrew Dixon, explains the successes achieved with the RC™ technology with greater process flexibility in operation and high recovery compared with available alternatives: “The RC™ incorporates a ‘laminar high shear rate’ mechanism, which represents the latest in fine particle gravity based separation technology. The lamella section enhances the REFLUX™ Classifier’s capacity, producing a more compact, higher efficient separation unit when compared to competing iron ore and mineral processing equipment such as spirals, up-current classifiers and teeter bed separators.”

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Jette Westerdahl, Marketing Communications Manager, Mobile: +45 3093 1855,

Andrew Dixon, Sales Director Europe and Middle East, Minerals Division, Phone: +44 (0) 1788 555 777,

FLSmidth to supply material handling equipment to Russian port

FLSmidth has signed an EPS (Engineering, Procurement and Supervision) contract worth more than EUR 160m with the Russian marine export terminal owner OTEKO-Portservice LLC for the engineering, supply and supervision of material handling equipment. The equipment is to be installed at the port of Taman on the Russian Black Sea Cost, approximately 1,500 km south of the capital Moscow.